This painting is part of my latest series of surreal cloudscapes. This series began on January 1st, 2021. In this series, a painting was completed per day, over the course of the first nine days of the new year. Additionally, each painting is paired with an intention I set for my future.

In these cloud-like formation paintings, I allow water and pigment to find an organic pattern on the canvas. These paintings are created by manipulating water, cotton cloth and my fingers—using a brush only for the initial layer of pigments.

These panels are 1.5” thick gallery wrapped professional, high quality stretched canvas. No staples are visible on the sides. The sides are painted, so no framing is necessary. There is a clear plastic coated wire secured with eye hooks on the back, for easy and immediate display.

About the artist:
Daisy-Anne Dickson is an artist living outside Atlanta, GA. While formally educated in oil painting, her preferred media has become acrylic and inks on canvas or wood. Daisy is the founder and owner of The Woke Studio, where she sells her work and designs.

This process is a therapeutic release from the structure and expectations faced in daily life, as both a registered nurse and mother.

“My work as an ER nurse has necessitated a way in which I can release the things I cannot control—a surreal but safe space to allow those things to just “be”. I gently guide and shape these cloud like forms here and there, but the process and point is letting the elements I use come together, into a place of its own and accepting it. This practice and meditation has helped me tremendously in accepting the things outside my control, in my nursing profession and life, in general.”