Eye Rose from the Velvet Underground


This is one of my original paintings. This is a forced collaboration with an unknown artist, whose painting I found at the local thrift store. You can see the original painting in the photo slides. I painted my own version over top of the original painting, using their composition and adding my own flare. I added my signature above theirs, to maintain the integrity of the original work.

This is a one of a kind piece featuring watchful and knowing eyes, set into deep red roses being visited by a Monarch butterfly. This piece can never be duplicated. It is painted on rich black velvet and framed with hand carved wood, which was then hand painted by me as well.

This painting is sure to capture the eye and mind of its onlookers, while adding a bit of fun oddity to any art collection!

The Hand carved wood Frame measures 24” x 15”, with actual fabric and image size being 20” x 10.5”

Materials: oil, acrylic and ink on velvet with hand carved, hand painted frame. Brackets on back, making this ready to hang.

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