the WOKE studio by Daisy + Anne Dickson

I paint narratives, using myself as all the characters in the story.  So my work often has multiple versions of me (in portrait), playing multiple roles which are often over-lapping, both physically and in the role they are playing. 

In my current series, “Becoming Nobody”, I am exploring the concepts of life,  death,  rebirth,  renewal, love,  loss,  rediscovery,  the ego,  the authentic self,  the Wild Woman, the story teller,  the healer,  witch,  and all other versions of the sacred feminine.  These concepts are inspired by both my own life stories and other’s, which are interwoven with references and analogies. 

References for work vary widely in the arts,  to include: classic fairy tales,  folk lores,  Greek classics,  myths, religious symbolism,  music,  books,  poetry,  cinema, popular culture, and other classic and/or famous works of art. 

Our home is packed with animals we have rescued!  My love for animals has fueled my mission to make sure every animal is treated with the love and compassion they deserve.  Therefore, I donate 10% of all proceeds to various animal rights causes, animal rescue organizations and animal sanctuaries.  

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